Argentina Big Game Hunting

Argentina Big Game Hunting / $5400 Stag Hunt

Big Game Hunting Brochure press View PDF below :
Argentina is well known among big game hunters worldwide for the outstanding and variety of hunting there. Argentina is probably most famous for its great European Stag and Boar but also has outstanding Black Buck, Axis, Mountain Lion and Asiatic Buffalo hunting. The current game list for Argentina is mostly a product of introduction during this past century. Just like in Texas, exotics were introduced to add variety to the game list. Today many introduced exotics are well established in Argentina and are free ranging. We hunt only full mature trophy animals.
Our guides have extensive big game experience and each year host numerous hunters from around the globe. The hunting is conducted on numerous ranches in various parts of the country, depending on game numbers, quality, and the species sought. The majority of the hunting is conducted in the Pampas. This is the most game rich region of the country. These ranches vary in size from 35 thousand acres to over 85 thousand acres. These ranches are havens for wildlife and receive little hunting pressure. The terrain is diversified ranging from brush , alpine, savanah to marshes. The majority of the hunting is low fence. There is high fence hunting for the highest scoring Gold Medal stags. High fence hunts are fair chase in very large areas and are far from being a push over can hunt.
Seasons vary according to the species. Generally, big game is hunted March to August. The Red Stag rut is typically March – April . During this time, you can hear the thrilling roar of the stag, just like the bugle of the Elk in the US. We have a challenging spot and stalk 6 night /7 day free range hunt during the rut (March-April) for a trophy mature bull for $5400 (all in). Other Game can be taken for trophy fees. This same hunt in May is $4800. We also have a father and son special during the rut (March-April) for $9600 or $8990 in May.
The hunting for huge pure European Boar is about the best in the world. These can be hunted with a pack of Argentine Dogos or from a stand. Argentina has one of the largest native populations of Mountain Lion or Puma in the world and thus the success rates are among the best anywhere. However they are non exportable to the US at this time.
Black Buck are numerous and many long and thick horned specimens can be observed on a typical hunt. The beautiful and spotted Axis Deer thrive here and grow thick multi-branched racks. The mass on both Black Buck and Axis is normally greater than those in the US due to genetics and food sources. We have an excelent location (only a short 2 hour drive from Buenos Aires) that has the highest free range Black Buck, Axis and Russian Boar. The lodge her is excelent for a group of 2-3 hunters.
If really Big Game is your desire, we offer a unique and exciting marsh hunt for ill tempered South American Buffalos.These animals are free range.They are also aviable in the Pampas and can be taken in combination with a Red Stag hunt.
A hunter pays a daily fee of just $400 a day and then pays a trophy fee for the animals he desires. The daily fee is all-inclusive. Hunts can range in duration from a few days to a week or more depending on what each hunter’s goals are. Hunts are custom tailored for each hunter. Wing shooting can become an extension of the Big Game hunt if a hunter desires. For example : We can easily combine Red Stag plus dove hunting.
Accommodations are all excelent 4-5 star. Hunters are normally housed on beautiful estancias located right on the properties. Delicious Argentine style meals with wine and beer are included in the package.
Non hunter $350 Daily / Gun Rental: $300 weekly
Trophy Fees and season dates are listed below:

Big Game Pricing

Big Game
South   American Buffalo
All   Year
Red Stag Rut hunt 6 night /   7 days
$5400   All IN
Red Stag hunt 6Nights/7   Days
$4800   All In
Red Stag Rut hunt Father   and Son 6 Nights /7 Days
$9600   All IN
Red Stag Rut hunt Father   and Son 6 Nights /7 Days
$8990   All IN
Red Stag (Silver or Gold /   High Fence)
Axis   Deer
Fallow   Deer
Black   Buck
All   Year
Russian   Boar (trophy male)
All   Year
Feral   Goat
All   Year
All   Year
Dove ADD -ON to Big Game   hunting
$350   daily with Shot Gun Rental
All   Year
Some multi-species package hunts are available

Conditions and Terms for all hunts:

Not Included:
All Guide Fees
Airfare   to Argentina and to hunting lodge
Lodging, meals, snacks, and   all beverages
Ammo   and Gun Rentals
All ground transportation   at hunting sites
Taxidermy,dip   and pack fees and trophy shipping
Skinning and trophy   preparation
License   $200 and gun import fee $75
Airport   entry and departure tax $30
A one third or 50 percent non-refundable deposit of the daily fees is needed to reserve the hunt (all efforts will be made to change dates if absolutely necessary). The balance of daily fees are due 60 days prior to the hunt. Hunters pay only for game taken or wounded. Maximum effort will be taken to recover all wounded game.


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