Africa Hunting Trip: The Gear To Carry For Ultimate Adventure

Hunting requires approaching a professional for a smooth and hassle-free experience. A good gear and checklist for picking the essential items make hunting easy. When it comes to hunting, a lot can be confusing to you. Additionally, a single mistake can make your adventure hectic and effortless. Earlier, you have to take various items on your Africa hunting Safari, but the outfitters are here who take care of everything on your trip. Apart from this, it would help in case you took care of your belongings to go hunting without any issues. 


What To Bring For Your Africa Hunting Trip?

Decisions on what to carry always make a difference in your successful and unsuccessful hunting. Even more significantly, what to keep in your backpack can also diversify in life and death. Scroll down to explore the essentials to buy before going on a big game in Africa

1. Duffle And Shoulder Bag

The duffle bags are great for hunting because they can be used to carry all the items and can be used as travel bags. It is comfortable to carry and pack. Additionally, carrying a shoulder bag gives you the comfort of carrying all your essential items in one place. 

2. Solar-Powered Gear 

You never know when the battery of a phone or electric appliance can be drawn out. It is effective to carry solar-powered gear so that you can easily charge it and use it whenever you need it. Moreover, it will become your travel companion to guide you on an African hunting trip.

3. Bring The Right Shoes And Clothes

Comfortable clothes and shoes are a must-have on the trip to keep you relaxed. Most African hunting is during the dry season so you don’t need raingear. Bring long sleeves and short sleeve shirts. Pants can be long or short depending on preference. Forest green or dark khaki are the best colors. 

No bright colors please. Bring a warm jacket for early morning open vehicle drives and maybe a vest or sweater for walking. Don’t bring more than two pair of hunting pants or shirts, your clothes will be washed daily

You will be walking on pebbles, high-low grounds, and trekking poles, so you must prefer comfort over anything. Bring shoes with tough soles. An acacia thorn going through your foot can end your hunt prematurely. Your shoes need to be well broken in. Bring a pair of sneakers that you can use as back up footwear for walking

4. Best Optics For Hunting

You don’t need two thousand dollar binoculars but a good 200-300-dollar pair will do well. 8X3 will do you fine and are much lighter than bi 12 power models.  The best variable power scope you can afford is always a wise choice. A 3-9 power is suffice. 

5. Flashlights/Batteries

One of two small flashlights will be sufficient. Bring a few extra batteries. Rechargeable batteries are even better. Bring  a flashlight with the same battery size of your camera if possible so you don’t have to carry two types.. Speaking of cameras bring an extra sim card.

6. Guns & Cartridges

Decide whether you want to rent or bring your own firearms or rent. IF you plan to do some sightseeing while in Africa it is probably best to rent so you don’t have to lug the firearms around. Bringing your own is always cheaper and better as far as comfort and shooting ability is concerned.

7. Hunting Gear

Besides all the items listed above, there are a few more items. Bring a light backpack or shoulder bag for your camera and other personal items that you can leave in the safari car while stalking. A Swiss Army knife is handy. Bring a small first aid kit with wound antiseptic, upset stomach and band aids.

Plan Your African Hunting Trip With Us Today!

Packing for great adventures requires extensive research and getting everything in one place. Additionally, focusing on misconceptions can get you into big trouble, so avoid it. At J & J Outfitters, our team is experienced in making your adventure memorable. We have various packages to provide clients with a top-notch experience. Browse our website to know more about our Africa hunting trip and services. 


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