Destination Mexico Dec 2013- Jan 2014

Hi to all and happy New Year!!!!!!!!

We  just returned from a Whitetail and duck hunting trip  vicinity the North West  Tamaulipas Provence Mexico. We were invited by guides  Wayne and Brandon Wright from South Texas, to check out the hunting potential and also to confirm the  security situation for future hunters. We hunted their beautiful 12,000 acre leased ranch.  Despite all the negative publicity about visiting Mexico, the area we visited was safe and secure.  Yes a few years back,  the situation was different. So hunting was pretty much shut down for foreigners in the region. The military has steadily taken control in the last few years, and the region is now safe to hunt again. Yes, there are still dangerous areas in Mexico, but this ranch and area is not one of those regions.


I was fortunate to spend about ten days on this beautiful ranch. The region is well known for it’s great free range whitetail hunting. The good news is that because of the pause in hunting in the region, there are many big bucks alive and well and dying of old age.  During our visit, we were  joined by other hunters from Texas and my some duck hunter friends. All the deer  hunters  took great deer scoring 150 and better. We saw dozens and dozens of bucks each day. In fact when I was deer hunting, I saw deer from sunrise to sunset.  I would say that eighty percent of the deer that I saw were bucks.  Many were shooters that  you would take in a minute back home, but not here. You hold out for something that is really exceptional. I ended up taking a beautifull symetrivcal 150 class 8 pointer and saw many more shooters. There is very real potential for a BC book deer. I will be booking these hunts for2014. We will ony have about 14 total permits available. Already there are several spoken for. The price is $3650 for one deer (hunters choice). These tags will sell out quick. So book early if yoyu are interested.

The duck hunting was also great. We will also be selling these hunts as well. The season extends into February and this is a great opportunity to take primed out birds for your collection. We took most of the Puddler and Diver species. Come hunt with us next February and get your primed out Shoveler or Ruddy Duck.

Cheers and great hunting in 2014!!!!!!!!!!!



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