Experience the Ultimate Africa Hunting Safaris

Africa is home to some of the most spectacular wildlife on earth. From the mighty “Big 5” – lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and Cape buffalo – to diverse plains game like kudu, impala and wildebeest, Africa offers a true hunter’s paradise. Planning an Africa hunting safaris is an experience like no other, but finding the right outfitter is key to ensuring a successful and memorable hunt. Look no further than J&J Outfitters for top-quality guided hunts on exclusive concessions teeming with trophy animals.

We provides once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to hunt Africa’s most prized big game. Hunt with experienced Professional Hunters (PHs) and trackers on exclusive concessions with 100% success rates. Weconnects you with first-class accommodations and service for an exceptional African safari you’ll cherish forever.

Plan Your Dream Hunting Safari:

An Africa hunting safaris is often a lifelong dream for avid hunters. The anticipation of pursuing iconic species in their natural habitat is difficult to rival. But like any major trip, proper planning and preparation ensures your African safari lives up to expectations. J&J Outfitters will guide you through all aspects of planning your hunt – from selecting species and concessions to booking travel and securing permits.

Choosing Species:

From tiny steenbok to giant elephant, Africa teems with big game hunting opportunities. Decide which animals are highest on your safari wish list. Do you hope to complete the “Big 5” and add a Cape buffalo to your trophy room wall? Or are you more interested in diverse plains game like impala, wildebeest and zebra? Communicate your preferences to your J&J Outfitters agent to align your safari with the right concessions and species availability.

Selecting a Concession:

Africa’s sprawling savannas and woodlands are divided into hunting concessions – private land leased from the government and managed expressly for safari hunting. Not all concessions are created equal regarding habitat quality, stocked game numbers and facilities. J&J Outfitters holds exclusive access to top concessions in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana and beyond. Their experts will match you with a concession that offers the game, scenery, amenities and experience you seek.

Working with PHs:

A Professional Hunter (PH) intimately knows their concessions, leads hunts and supports you throughout your safari. J&J Outfitters only contracts the best PHs who are also informative guides and respectful hosts. Provide details on your experience level, expectations and needs to ensure you’re paired with a PH whose expertise aligns.

From start to finish, J&J Outfitters will customize your dream African hunting safari. Their service and expertise allow you to simply focus on the anticipation and excitement of the hunt.

Hunting the Africa Big 5:

Pursuing Africa’s Big 5 – lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and Cape buffalo – comprises many hunters’ ultimate safari. These iconic species represent the pinnacle of challenge and prestige in big game hunting. J&J Outfitters offers personalized Big 5 safaris guided by expert PHs on exclusive concessions.

Lion Hunts:

The king of beasts, lions represent one of the most sought-after and challenging big game species. Their regal manes, intimidating roars and powerful presence capture the essence of African hunting. Weoffers lion hunts in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Tanzania, with opportunities for mane males or paired hunts for male and female lions.

Leopard Hunts:

The elusive, solitary leopard is a supreme predator and arguably Africa’s most coveted big game animal. Their gorgeous spotted coats make them one of the most beautiful African trophies. Hunt them over bait in South Africa or with hounds in Zimbabwe on an exclusive J&J Outfitters concession with a nearly 100% shot opportunity rate.

Rhino Hunts:

The iconic black and white rhino are scarce dangerous game prizes available on limited hunts. Legal, regulated hunting helps fund anti-poaching and conservation efforts essential for protecting these threatened species. J&J Outfitters offers authorized rhino hunts in RSA and Namibia to contribute to the species’ future.

Elephant Hunts:

Massive and intelligent, the African elephant is the world’s largest land mammal. Hunting trophy Tuskers (elephants with over 45 lbs. of ivory per side) is an extraordinary experience. We help toprovides access to huntCow and bull elephants in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. They ensure ethical elephant hunts that benefit local communities per CITES standards.

Cape buffalo Hunts:

The Cape or African buffalo is known as the “Black Death” for its extreme unpredictability and lethality when wounded. A buffalo carries immense respect among African hunters for its speed, cunning and aggression. Counting coup by taking a trophy Cape buffalo bull is a true badge of honor for seasoned safari hunters. J&J Outfitters offers personalized buffalo hunts for trophies up to 50″ across South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia.

Beyond the Big 5, Africa harbors many more incredible species for dedicated safari hunters. Complete your trophy room with bushbuck, nyala, kudu, zebra, hyena, crocodile and more hunting available through J&J Outfitters.

Sensational Safari Hunting for Plains Game:

While the Big 5 get the limelight, African plains game species offer outstanding hunts. Numerous antelope and other game deliver fantastic trophies and plenty of stalking excitement. Safari packages tailored specifically for plains game allow you sample Africa’s diverse species.

Greater kudu:

This elegant spiral-horned antelope is a top plains game prize. Their sizable ridged horns and camouflaged coats make them a challenging stalk. Kudu trophies are among the most stunning antelope mounts.

Blue and Black Wildebeest:

These ox-like antelope are classic African game known for tracking thrilling close-quarters hunts. Their long dark manes and heavily ridged horns look fantastic on display. Wildebeest hunting offers great affordable safari opportunities.


Common but beautiful, impala hunting is exciting for their large herd numbers and swift running speed. Watching a herd of these slender antelope bounding away will get your heart racing for an ideal shot. Impala deliver fine spiral-horned trophies.

Common Springbok:

Springbok are often the first antelope trophy taken by budding African hunters. Their characteristic curvy horns look fantastic mounted. Springbok are plentiful, providing action-packed hunts and affordable safari starts.

Blesbok, Gemsbok, Hartebeest, Zebra and More:

Africa is home to over 100 potential plains game species. Add diversity and challenge to your safari by mixing up pursued game. Try collecting multiples of different trophies – no two impala or kudu horns match exactly alike! J&J Outfitters will expose you to Africa’s incredible variety.

Beyond antelope, Africa has even more plains game opportunities. Hunt baboons for their fangs or long-tailed monkeys as challenging tree trophies. Track the tiny but fierce honey badger or African wildcat with hounds for pelt prizes. Ostrich make a unique trophy hunting quarry when pursuing their feathers or eggs. Whatever your plains game interests, J&J Outfitters will create custom safaris catering specifically to those species.

Sensational Safari Experiences

Booking an African hunting safari with J&J Outfitters ensures extraordinary service and success for the hunt of a lifetime. Clients rave about their personalized approach, first-class hospitality, experienced PHs and exclusive concessions teeming with phenomenal game. By pairing you with the ideal PH, concession and custom safari package for your goals and budget, J&J Outfitters provides a seamless African trip.

Experience Africa hunting trip breathtaking scenery and exotic wildlife by day, and relax in comfortable luxurious camps at night. Gourmet meals prepared fresh on-site provide strength and satisfaction after an exhilarating day of hunting. Share your success and memories with fellow hunters around evening fires under Africa’s stunning night skies.

Whether you dream of collecting a classic Big 5 grand slam or sampling diverse plains game, weturns those dreams into reality. Their expertise, insider access and unwavering commitment to client service guarantee your African safari exceeds even your highest hopes.

Embark on the safari of a lifetime by contacting J&J Outfitters today to start planning your extraordinary African hunting adventure.


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