Hunt Like a Pro: Learn The Art of Hunting On Our Guided Safari

Experience is a crucial factor in skill improvement, and it applies to hunting as well. Those who have experience are better equipped to become skilled hunters than those who lack it. However, Africa hunting safaris are the most suitable places to go ahead and enjoy the adventure of hunting. When you depart from the enjoyment and fun of going hunting, you are not getting a lifetime memorable experience. Therefore, you can get it all from shadowing professional experts who can guide you through becoming a better hunter. Approaching experts provides you with a wealth of knowledge to share. 


Discover Tips for Hunting Safaris in The African Wilderness

The idea is simple: allow yourself to research and pick the high-quality and reasonable safari tips to elevate your hunting game. The essential part of going hunting is you will be able to learn and experience endless things which you are not aware of.

1. Research Your Destination

Africa is huge and the variety of game is endless. Make a priority list of the game you desire and can afford and then research where the best and most reasonably priced specimens may be found. You must determine whether you are ok hunting in a high fence environment or a reserve or if you strictly looking for completely free range animals. Keep in mind that safaris based out of a permanent camp or reserve may be more economical

Knowing the area or researching the destination makes you aware of the pros and cons. In addition, prepare you regarding upcoming issues or problems. Inquiring about the destination is the crucial and foremost part of going ahead with the trip. 

2. Choose The Right Time of the Year

Hunting is just beyond electing the appropriate locations. It is all about going at the right time of year. Furthermore, the timing of Africa hunting safaris is essential to maximize your hunting game. And the best time for hunting depends on the target game species and the specific location. Remember in southern Africa their winter is our summer. Some hunting on reserves may be open all year long but hunting during the African summer may be an unbearable experience for most. Consult your Outfitter for the best time to hunt and book early to insure the best dates.

3. Invest in Quality Gear

When you choose quality gear, you might be able to tackle upcoming issues. Equipment plays a vital role in enhancing your hunting experience. Make sure to pick the correct and comfortable headgear, footwear, and clothes. Bring enough warm clothes that you can strip down when it gets colder. Many first timers underestimate the African winter. 

Don’t bring too much because almost all safari operations have daily laundry. Bring footwear that is quiet and well broken in. Big wide breamed stiff safari hats may be great for pictures but smaller softer bush hats or ball caps may be more practical. Good quality binoculars, weapons and ammo are essential.

4. Practice Shooting

If you are preparing something without a bit of knowledge of it, it can get you in big trouble. Practice shooting with your hunting rifle before going to improve your aim and ensure you’re comfortable with your equipment. This is especially important when shooting a heavy caliber rifle that you may not be used to shooting. .

If possible, take shooting lessons or attend a shooting range with life-size targets o improve your skills. Study charts displaying exactly where the vitals are on any particular animals. African game is very tough and wounded game will cost you tim, money and much heartache. You are spending a lot on this adventure don’t mess it up by not being 100% confident of your shooting abilities

5. Learn Basic First Aid

Accidents can happen to anyone. Therefore, it is beneficial to be well-prepared for the same. You should take first aid training before going for an African Safari. Moreover, you must be able to tackle minor injuries during hunting. It will help you stay calm and relaxed.  

You may cut your eyebrow because of recoil from your heavy rifle or step on an acacia thorn that penetrates your foot wear. You will get normal wear and tear scratches, blisters and bruises. Bring a small first aid kit with some aspirin, band aids, antiseptic and stomach ache medicine to take care of the basics. 

In the case of dangerous game do you have basic first aid knowledge such as tying a tourniquet to save your PH if gets gored by a cape buffalo and its only you and the trackers? How about making a simple splint for a fractured arm or leg in order to get out of the bush?

6. Respect The Wildlife Environment and culture

Learn everything you can about the region and the culture before you depart. Learn a few common phrases in the native language. Enjoy the company of the trackers Learn what you can from them. They are the best woodsmen and best hunters you will ever meet. 

While on Safari it is essential to respect the environment while maintaining situational awareness. Listen to your PH. He will be by your side continuously in order to keep you safe while enjoying a great experience.

 Therefore, always respect the plants and animals and never unnecessarily harm the animals that you are not licensed to hunt. Also, leave no trace and minimize your impact on the environment. Leave only footprints!

7. Relax and Enjoy the Experience

If you want the best out of the hunting trip, you always ensure to relax and have peace of mind. It will give you a chance to enjoy life to the fullest without any trouble. Take time to appreciate the beauty of the landscape, learn about the culture and history of the region, and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Step into The World of African Hunting with Us!

Everyone loves to enjoy something exciting to fulfill their inner desire. Learning new skills never gets wasted. Hunting is a casual hobby for some and Africa maybe just a once in a lifetime experience.

For some Africa will become an obsession and a passion that will force them to return time after time.  If you are interested in Africa hunting safaris, reach out to J & J Outfitters. 

We have the best concessions with top-quality animals with nearly a 100% success rate. Also, we provide the best PHs and trackers. Check out our website to obtain more information about the services, or give us a call to discover the best hunting safaris in the world. 


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