Peacock Bass Fishing Guide Everything You Need To Know

Peacock Bass have bright coloration and ferocious attitude. They are regionally found in the Amazon, Dugout Canoe. Nowadays, peacock bass fishing is trending as it’s an enjoyable activity and one of the best peacock bass fishing in the world for regular fishers. Somehow, peacock bass fishing is a little tough, so you have to follow some tips and tricks as you should Gather all the information regarding peacock bass, like their behavior, actions, mood, etc., and research elements that help in the fishing.

Things to Consider During Peacock Bass Fishing

Coldwater temperatures are a complicated aspect of peacock bass. Some laboratory studies have shown that peacock bass cannot survive in severely cold water. Moreover, you must be aware of the right timing, peacock bass food to catch the fish, weather conditions, and more for successful peacock bass fishing.

Below, we have put some further information regarding peacock bass fishing that may help for the same. Which is-

Tricks To Catch Peacock Bass

Once you’re ready with the gears, it’s time for fishing. In order to do peacock bass fishing, you must pay attention to the type of water and gear you use. Some useful tips have been mentioned below that can help you catch peacock bass..

Free Lining

The best means to land the peacock on live bait is feeling for the best peacock bass fishing in the world. You may attach the leader directly to the mainline by using a uni to uni knot, try to run the leader to a 1/0 to 2/0 hook with no hardware and hook the baitfish. You can attach a small split shot with the canals to slow the bait when the current is high.

Sight Fishing 

Walking through the edges of a canal and locating fish in the shallow areas is the popular idea for catching peacock bass as it works and makes the process the simplest. Watching an aggressive pea trying to get its food is also pleasing. They may be on beds for you, but make sure to handle them carefully and get them back in the water in less time.


It becomes easy to find fish in deeper water when working lures across the bottom. A lure with a lot of action can entice any peacock in the area to check out the commotion. The water range can range from some inches to 8-10 feet, depending on where you are. Fish may be anywhere, so be prepared and aware. You may visit the Hunting WordPress Theme for affordable hunting in Zimbabwe prices and also for fishing trips.

Avoid Setting The Hook Too Quickly

Though you need to be active and quick, it is also crucial to know that you might not set the hook too soon. Peacock bass is likely to slap at the lure. They return to catch the bait on the second pass firmly. Hence, avoid setting the hook on strike itself, and keep a watch. If you are not able to find the plug or the popper, you should drop the rod tip to attach to the hook with your stripping hand. If the peacock bass doesn’t return a second time, cast a diving lure to regain the peacock’s interest.

Advance Peacock Bass Fishing Tips

Though most of the peacock bass varieties are around 10-13 in size, the anglers take pride in fish that are more than three pounds in weight. Remember that these fishes are challenging to catch as they can easily attack you. Further, they’re aggressive and wait to give in prior to a substantial fight. You can offer them their favorite food to attract and catch them easily. Here are some advanced tips you can apply for fishing.

Flies For Fishing

Peacock bass never give up easily. You can drop lots of flies into the water to tackle them. Moreover, one of the good things about the bass fish is that they’re not dainty, and shiny things draw their attention, so use them as the fishing tool. You can experience fishing at a reasonable peacock bass fishing trip price at Hunting WordPress Theme.

Feeding Delirium Fishes 

Peacock bass often roam around in small areas to search for baitfish. Besides, many times they suddenly go to eat food. Try to throw the lure in front of the feeding fish as soon as possible. The quicker you bring it in front of them, the higher the possibility of hookup. It’s because of the peacock bass nature. 

Keep An Eye On Other Creatures

Although catching the fish is your ultimate goal, be aware of other things happening around you. Make sure to put on shoes every time around the canals, as snakes and crocodiles might be around these canals. Be prepared for other obstacles that may come your way.

Enhance Your Peacock Bass Fishing Experience With These Tips!

You have to come up with many things for the best peacock bass fishing, such as useful lures, tricks, things to avoid, observing the behavior of the fish, and more. That way, you can catch peacock bass fish easily and experience the best peacock bass fishing in the world. If you want to experience the best fishing, you may contact us at J & J Outfitters.. We also offer hunting trips and packages to our clients, along with fishing & hunting outfitters. Call us today to know everything in detail.


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