Plan Your Hunting Trips to Africa with J&J Outfitters

Hunting in Africa is a dream come true for a lot of hunting enthusiasts. The experience they have is one of a kind and unforgettable. Through its wildlife and extensive wilderness, an African hunt gives you an opportunity to bag a different variety of the exotics in the wild. J & J Outfitters will plan your perfect hunting trips to Africa, from selecting the right destination to identifying the best African safari hunts and guides.

Popular African Hunting Destinations

Some of the most popular destinations for hunting trips to Africa include:

South Africa: Animal life of South Africa features more than 300 types of mammals and a wide variety of landscapes for safari hunting, from bushveld to grasslands. Common game will include gemsbok, kudu, and springbok among others.

Namibia: The Namibian landscape is a barren but also beautiful place in which great hunts are arranged. Typical trophy animals of Namibia include blesbok, sable, kudu, gemsbok and impala.

Botswana: Botswana has excellent hunting areas teeming with wildlife. Top picks for hunting are elephants, buffalo, leopard and sable. Controlled hunting helps fund conservation efforts.

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe becomes the hub for wild game hunting through its guided hunts, which enables hunters to chase and kill big game animals such as lion, leopard, elephant and cape buffalo among others. Besides, countless plains animals are very common in all outlets of Zimbabwe.

Choosing an African Hunting Outfitter

With many African hunting outfitters to choose from, investing in thorough research to identify a reliable operator is necessary. J&J Outfitters are reputable African outfitters who excel in quality of service and uphold fair hunting principles. We can match you up according to your budget, game species of choice and the anticipation that you have.

Things to look for when selecting an outfitter:

  • Excellent knowledge of hunting areas and wildlife
  • Professional, courteous guides
  • Use of well-trained tracking dogs when available
  • Attention to safety and preparation
  • Proper licenses and permits
  • Comfortable hunting camps and lodging

What to Expect on an African Guided Hunt

An African guided hunts safari is a thrilling, adventurous experience like no other. Hunts are often all-inclusive packages that cover:

  • Comfortable accommodations
  • Include all of the dishes and local beverages.
  • Transportation to and from the hunt will be provided in the way of both ground and air transportation.
  • The preparation of trophies in the fields
  • The services of guides and trackers are crucial.

In a guided hunt you will track your game, either on foot, by vehicle, or by boat depending on the area and the species you are chasing. Guides are experts at identifying trophy animals through various signs, such as tracks, scat or signs of physical characteristics. Hunting is usually done in the early hours of the day and late afternoon when game does the most. The heart pounding hunt comes to an emergence when you have taken down your trophy!

Safety is always the number one priority on guided hunts. Your guide and trackers will be your guards while you hunt for dangerous animals like lions, elephants and cape buffalos. Moreover, they will offer trophy field preparation and help with shipping arrangements.

Cost of an African Hunting Trip

Due to the wide variety of services, hunting areas, animals and trip lengths, African hunt pricing varies significantly. As a benchmark, 7–10-day hunt packages start around $4,000 but can exceed $70,000 for dangerous big game species.

J&J Outfitters partners with outfitters to offer affordable packages tailored to your budget. We can customize all aspects of your safari, from trophy fees to the number of hunting days, to control costs. Contact us to discuss your dream hunt and we will provide a free quote!

With proper trip planning, J&J Outfitters can deliver an incredible African hunting adventure you will treasure for a lifetime. Get in touch with us today to start planning your exciting dream safari!


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