The Best African Hunts

In choosing an African Hunting Safari there are a ton of choices and a variety of prices for all sorts of African Game. So who has the best African hunts and what does a good outfitter have to offer. At J&J Outfitters we offer the best African hunts for the money. Top quality and best value is our motto. 

Our accommodations are the best and are located in the middle of the best Africa hunting places. Accommodations are clean, comfortable yet rustic enough to provide a hunting camp feel. In a great majority if locations Wi-Fi and cell phone service is available. 


You will have warm showers and clean linen every day. Also in the majority of our locations you get free laundry service. So no need to bring tons of extra clothes. The cuisine is the best and if you have a specific requirement we can normally accommodate it.

 Not known to many hunters that have not been to Africa is that comfort is the norm in best African hunts and best Africa hunting places. Even years ago when the safari industry was started in East Africa, luxury and comfort were always part of the best African hunts 

The majority of locations are great places to bring your spouse or entire family. There is always a ton of activities for the family. Activities may include exploring, nature hikes, visiting a rural village or school. 

Our Africa hunting guides / Professional Hunters can also take you to a national park for spectacular up close viewing and photographing of the Iconic Africa Big Five. Our best Africa hunting places are also the best game viewing areas and great areas to participate in game drives. In Africa a game drive is when you sit in an open safari Land Cruiser and go seek and find African game

J&J Outfitters represent the best African hunting guides (Professional Hunters) in the industry. IN Africa a hunting guide is known not as a hunting guide but a PH or Professional Hunter. Your hunting success can very well be held in the hand of the PH and his team of trackers. 

Great trackers are essential in spotting and finding game. A good team of trackers will normally find wounded game. In Africa if you cut hair or draw blood you pay for the animal so it is critical that your trackers have the skill to successfully follow up wounded game.

When the safari industry started the best Africa hunting places and the best African hunts were in East Africa. Today the best African hunts and the best Africa hunting places are in Southern Africa especially dangerous game or the big Five. In East Africa what is left of the hunting industry it is expensive. You will definitely get more bang for the buck in southern Africa. The majority of our concessions are in Southern Africa


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