Hunting Packages :-

Program   1 High Volume Dove
$1800   -$2000
Program 2 High Volume   Dove,Duck,Perdiz,Dorado
Program3 Duck / Upland   (Daireaux)
Program 4 (Big Game)
$400   Daily Rate plus Trophy fees
Program5 (Fishing 4nights/3   days,2 person minimum)
$2390   pp
Program6 Free Range Red   Stag, March-April

Package 1: High Volume Dove $1800 (low season 4 Days) / $2000 May-July.

It is no secret that northern Argentina offers the best dove hunting in the world and J&J offers the best in Argentina. The reason for the great dove hunting is that these South American eared doves are prolific breeders and have multiple cluthches a year. A mild climate and an over abundance of food due to intensive agriculture creates a dove explosion. The dove are literally pests !
There is nonexistent local hunting by residents. Most resident Argentinian hunters wont waste a shell on a dove. Thus the dove shooting is nothing less than superb. J & J offers the best high volume dove in the world (up to 1500 or more shots in day if so desired !) from its world class lodge at Santa Fe.
We offer the best high volume dove in the world from our world class lodge, La Criolla in Santa Fe. This estate is privately owned not leased like most other wing shooting operations. Over 9000 acres sunflower, soybean and corn that attract doves all year long by the hundreds of thousands.
This ground zero for the highest and most consistent dove shooting in Argentina. It does not get any better. The dove hunting will wear out your shoulder! If you love dove hunting then look no further. You can shoot all the dove you want within 100 yards of our lodge! La Criolla also offers mixed bag hunts for dove , duck and perdiz.

Package 2. Mixed Bag: High Volume Dove, Perdiz, Duck, and Golden Dorado Fishing , $3300 (4 days June-July).

Same great location in Santa Fe as Package 1. above with the addition of perdiz, duck and Golden Dorado Fishing. One can expect fantastic high volume dove, excelent perdiz , good duck hunting (20 bird daily limit) and excelent Dorado in the Parana river. This is a great economical package for the first timer or veteran to Argentina that wants a unique and special experience with a little taste of everything.You wil not regret this trip.


Package 3 : Duck and Upland $3990 (4 Days May- July)

After years of searching we found the best and consistent duck hunting in Argentina. The waterfowl hunting is better to be experienced than described (May – July). Shoot more ducks in one day (40-50 ducks )than a whole season in the US! Our duck hunting site is the best in Argentina.We are smack in the middle of the migration corridor between Patagonia and the tropical North. Our site is visited by all species of ducks that make Argentina home. Species include: Chiloe Widgeon, Brown Pintail, Bahama Pintail, Rosy Bills, Fulvous and White Cheeked Tree Ducks, Black Headed Ducks, Brazilian Teal, Ringed Teal, Argentinian Ruddy duck and Southern Cinnamon Teal.
Our duck lodge (a beautiful estancia that was once a Polo Club ranch house) is located in central Buenos Aires Province near the town of Daireaux. We are literally surrounded by duck ponds and small lakes. You can be duck hunting within 15 minutes of our lodge. Other lodges cannot claim this.
Our area consistently holds water every year. Around us are flooded agricultural fields that consistently hold ducks. We also heavily bait our hunt sites with literally tons of corn. This is perfectly legal in Argentina. All our blinds are dry. Hip waiters or even knee high boots are all that is needed.
Some of our competition claim they have excellent duck hunting but certain years , they are high and dry and have to drive up two hours every day to get you into the ducks. Some unscrupulous outfits will have no limits resulting in great shooting for a few groups then very poor hunting for other groups that follow. We enforce a maximum daily limit of 50 ducks.
In the afternoons we provide excellent Perdiz hunting over pointers. Shoot a limit of these quail size quarry in as little as one hour if you shoot well! If you finish early on the Perdiz we will take you on a low volume pigeon and dove hunt. You can expect to shoot up to 10-15 boxes in an afternoon shoot. If you wish you may also opt to just hunt pigeons or doves and not Perdiz in the afternoon. You can also opt to return to the duck blind for an afternoon shoot.
Included: All Food, Lodging, Drinks (including Alchoholic beverages), Local Transportation once at lodge, Fishing tackle if fishing.

Not Included in any of these packages are the following:

Package 4 : Big Game $400 Daily Rate + Trophy Fees

J & J also offers top quality fair chase hunting for trophy Big Game to include: Red Stag, European Wild Boar, Black Buck Antelope, Axis , Fallow Deer, Sheep, Mountain Lion (Non Importable) and South American Water Buffalo. Our service, lodging and food is the best in Argentina.

We only hunt top trophy sites . All animals taken will be fully mature specimens that make beautiful mounts. The stag, Axis and Blackbuck are top notch. Monstrous Gold Medal stag can be taken under high fence conditions. Our hunt sites vary according to the quarry, conditions and season. Most of the hunting is low fence and some is high fence but all is fair chase.

Stag hunting is best during the rut which is typically March 15 – April 15. During this time you can hear the thrilling roar of the stag echoing over the Argentine Pampas. We also offer a very scenic and rewarding horseback Stag hunt in the Andes Mountains.

Come chase European Boars with a pack of Argentine Dogos or match your wits against an elusive cougar. We also have marsh hunts for South American Water Buffalo.


Fish for the mighty tiger of the river in Santa Fe our fishing site is one of the best in the world on the Parana River.


Stag hunting is best during the rut which is typically March 15 – April 15. During this time you can hear the thrilling roar of the stag echoing over the Argentine Pampas.Our location is a 35,000 acre low fence private ranch that has been closed to commercial hunting for many years and only recently opened to our clients.
This is one of the best free range ranches in Argentina and is is sold out every year. Book one year out to insure the best rut dates. Hunter numbers are very limited to insure every one harvest the best trophies. The ranch is surrounded by other large ranches insuring great genetics. We have a 100% success rate on large matiure 6×6 or better stags.


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