Amazon Action 2014

So far it has been a tough season in our neck of the Amazon. Water levels did not drop as they should for this time of year. The fishing during the first and second week of October was slower than usual for this reason. It is predicted though that the water should finally drop to desirable levels as this blog is being written (the last week in Oct.). The first week in NOV should be in fact a great week as well and perhaps the fishing will remain good, even through mid November.


Traditionally early to mid  Oct use to be prime time but shifts in weather patterns have pushed this back in the last few years. Such is Mother Nature. Anyone familiar with the Amazon fishing knows that water levels mean everything. In the Amazon the water can rise as much as twenty five feet during the high-water season (Jan-July). Even three to six feet difference can mean success or failure. Normally the lower the water levels the better the fishing. However there are exceptions to this rule.  If the water is too low, access to many lagoons and lakes via feeder creeks, can be impossible.

Despite the higher than expected water levels we caught / hooked plenty of fish to include a nice mix of double digit fish. I hooked and regretfully lost the largest Peacock of my life. It was hooked on a Reducer Fly. The guide with me said that he believes that this was easily a 26-27 Ib fish. By the feel of it, I knew I had something very large. The guide had a good look at it as he dove down in the water, after the fish lodged itself under a submerged stump. He said both the head and body were huge.  Unfortunately the fish panicked when it saw him and sawed the 40lb Fluorocarbon tippet while it was hung up and broke off.

So if you want to book for next year I would say the best time based on recent trends would be the latter part of Oct and first week of November. Book early for these popular dates.  Our rates for next year will be $1895.00 for 6 days of fishing. This is the cheapest in the industry. Compare to $4,000-$6000 by our competitors.

Tight lines!



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