Experience The Thrill of Argentina Duck Hunts

Argentina is a monster hunter’s wonderland with acknowledged expertise on the planet for many favorite species. From waterfowl, such as the mallards and pheasants, to big game like the red deer’s, Argentina is a wonderland when it comes to the fascinating world of hunting. The terrain diversity which is present there, from the Pampas water lands to the rugged Andes Mountains, presents the ideal condition for big game animals. The nation’s upheld sport of hunting together with the accessible hunting infrastructure, combine to make the task of booking hunting packages and securing permits for international hunters extremely simplified. In this item we feature some of the best hunts in Argentina and give you some important tips for planning your next trip to the South American gem to hunt.

Duck Hunting in Argentina

Argentina duck hunts is in the possession of the list of the places to be seen in the planet by duck hunters. Numerous species of ducks pass through Argentina yearly that are truly colorful and varying in size like the gorgeous rosy bill and bufflehead, the silver teal and speckled teal, and the yellow-billed pintail. The preferred hunting area will be the Pampas wetlands which is a flat territory of fertile plains that offers ideal habitat for dabbling ducks. More than 100 duck hunting outfitters operate in the region of the Pampas and they are renting private land for duck hunting along the lagoons (lakes), as well.

The most preferable period of duck search is in the Southern Hemisphere in autumn and winter, from March to August. This goes together with the maple syrup production in Canada and the US from spring to late fall. Although many venture into the water on their own, hunting outfitters usually have the necessary equipment, such as blinds, decoys, retrievers and calling. Hounds are liberated by the environment, able to hunt as often as they please. In like manner it is possible to sync duck shooting with dove hunting and searching for perdiz for a changed bag. Proper some of the professionals can take you cool accommodations and delicious meals to meet all you need during your journey.

Red Stag Hunting in Argentina

The Argentina red stag hunts in Patagonia are the only trophy to seek for if you’re looking for a rare big game trophy. Red stag was brought to Patagonia from somewhere else, and after long years they have adapted to the conditions in the area; thousands of the herds graze along the open mountain valleys and foothills. Their erect bearing and huge antlers, which have long been an appealing target, make them the quarry of exceptional hunters.

The outfitters often are found in Southern Patagonia, and you have to take an air trip to the airports like Río Gallegos if you want to get there. The hunt is usually held in the period between February and September, although the best time to go in terms of park activity usually starts from March to April, during the rut of the stags. And hunters fly into estancias (ranches) by chartered flights or a breed that hunts in mountains and canals with horses or walk.

It is the vast wide open with aspirations for success that has turned this into a true adventure hunt. However, this seems more likely based on stats than for other exotic hunting. These stags are reasonably fair game hunts, but the hunters monitor and manage herds to attain fully developed trophy animals. Stags of any size will be a great pay check for hunters but most of who do this hunt expect the medal antlers over 300 score by SCI points. Guides as professionals explore appropriate herd management and aid in trophy field care. Accommodation is usually either in estancias which are old but classified as “rustic” or they serve cuisine from the region, and it is delicious.

Dove Hunting in Argentina

Argentina can easily boast about the doves hunting without any compare to others, due to the volume and the quality of these animals. For many outfitters, dove shooting is available from September all the way to March, so if that’s your thing, you can sign up with any of them. Because it involves the Brazilian borders and the surrounding areas, doves migrate to the central Argentina, coming in an eternal number of the birds.

The province of Cordoba is found to be a home for most of the dove hunts and this is due to the fertility of its agricultural lands, full of grain crops, sunflowers farms and natural grasslands. Landowners either buy or lease farms and then set up the best bait sites where afield trains will be made available. A daily shooting opportunity could involve killing up to 10 000 doves or more during repetitive sessions. Hunt quotas are very generous in this sort of operation, enabling hunters to shoot large numbers of wetlands inhabitants.

Some outfitters have hunts where helpers are in place to ensure dove blinds are maintained, dogs are retrievers, and a shotgun is loaded to be ready for when a dove pops up. The latter may focus on the guided mode hunt while other companies do the self-guided hunt where you or your group will have the private access of a field and lodge. From charming stays in country resorts to super comfortable estancias with luxury amenities, accommodations vary. Make sure you understand what is included in your package and what you need to take with you. so, inquire your outfitter.

Argentina Dove Hunting Packages

Dove hunting in Argentina is an unforgettable experience and hunters from the world over come here to experience the adrenaline rush. Argentina is like a heavenly place for dove hunters as they are renowned for their dove flocks and great hunting facilities. Therefore, Argentina is regarded as one of the top dove shooting spots in the world. Dove hunting is a big thing and many outfitters provide perfect doves Package for hunters specially designed for their requirements and demands for satisfaction.

These packages typically include:

Accommodations: The most of dove hunting packages in Argentina provide accommodations at lodges or estancias which are the best and relaxing. With various lodging options, you can find everything from basic to lavish lodging depending on the outfitter and package you book, making your stay on the hunt pleasant.

Guided Hunts: A professional guide is offered as a part of the package to escort hunters, who may not be familiar with the area and therefore may not be able to efficiently move around, to the best shooting locations, as well as to maximize the hunter’s chance of a successful expedition. Hunting guides are experts in local bird behavior and can improve the hunting experience by perfecting blind placement and presenting the bird at the right angle for the shot.

Transport: The package usually has transportation to and from the hunting spots or the resort as an option. This will involve airport shuttles from airport to lodgings as well as any ground transfers that may be necessary between the lodgings and accommodations.

Equipment: Packages for dove hunters more often than not cover shotgun rentals, ammunition and some other equipment. Some of outfitters even process the cleaning of birds then ready them into food for consumption or transportation.

Meals and Refreshments: Most often the packages consist of the provisions for the duration of the hunting tour. Hunters can expect breakfast buffets specializing in local food to be prepared for them, as well as dinners featuring local dishes.

Additional Activities: Along with the hunting of dove as a main objective package, you will also find that some of these offers other activities for companions who did not engage in the hunt that includes sightseeing tours, wine tasting and horseback riding. This ensure that each group member gets an opportunity to embrace the rejuvenating experience of Argentina.

Other companions who do not like hunting will still be able to explore the lovely wineries in Argentina or take part on horseback riding and in delightful local foods. The accessibility of antennas and the year-round presence of the stars make the Argentinian sky a key astronomical spot.

Take in mind to do your homework before setting on the international hunting trip, by checking outfitters and confirming for what services they guarantee. You are aiming for the most enjoyable moment! Work with a travel specialist agent who can align your expectation with good scuba operators. They may also help you with details such as firearm importation and licensing, while further special advises may be provided in the process.

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or embarking on your first international hunting trip, let J & J Outfitters guide you to an unforgettable dove hunting experience in Argentina. Contact us today to learn more and start planning your dream hunting adventure.


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