Explore Exotic African Safaris and African Antelope in Texas

For many hunters, an African safari represents the ultimate adventure – a chance to track exotic big game animals in wild landscapes. But the high costs of international travel and arranging an overseas hunting trip means African safaris remain out of reach for most sportsmen.

Luckily, the Lone Star State offers an affordable alternative. Exotic game ranches across Texas provide opportunities to hunt African Antelope in Texas without the headache of securing travel visas or packing for an intercontinental journey. By taking advantage of Texas’ thriving exotic wildlife industry, you can experience your own slice of Africa right in the heart of Texas.

What Exotic Species Can I Hunt in Texas?

Texas ranchers import a variety of African game animals that thrive in the Texas climate. Common exotic imports include gemsbok, scimitar-horned oryx, wildebeest, zebra, blackbuck antelope, and numerous African Antelope in Texas and goat varieties. Ranches also stock fallow deer, axis deer, sika deer and other deer species from around the world.

For hunters seeking a true best African hunting safaris experience, nilgai antelope offer an exciting (and affordable) option. Despite being native to Asia, nilgai are sometimes marketed as “Asian Cape buffalo” thanks to their imposing size and horns. Stalking nilgai in South Texas brush country provides a experience similar to pursuing dangerous game in Africa.

Benefits of Hunting African Exotics in Texas

Hunting African imports in Texas offers numerous advantages over booking a trip to Africa:

Cost Savings – Texas hunts cost a fraction compared to a fully guided safari in Africa. Multi-animal package hunts offer great value.

Convenience & Accessibility – No passports, visas, or long flights required. Exotic hunting ranches are within driving distance across Texas.

Familiar Surroundings – Texas terrain may not offer the romance of the African savanna, but it provides familiar hunting conditions for Texan sportsmen.

Guided Hunts – Reputable ranch outfitters offer guided hunts for exotics that match the quality of many African safari operators.

Variety – Texas ranches enable hunters to pursue African species in the morning and whitetail deer or wild hogs in the afternoon!

Booking Your Texas Exotic Safari

J&J Outfitters maintains strong partnerships with exotic game ranches across Texas. Our expert guides have years of experience hunting African imports and other exotic species. We offer affordable African safari hunts packages that include:

  • Trophy fees for exotic species
  • Comfortable ranch accommodation
  • Licensed guides and trackers
  • Field prep of trophies
  • Airport pickup and drop off
  • Meals and soft drinks

Whether you dream of spotting a gemsbok silhouetted on the horizon or desire a shoulder mount of a scimitar-horned oryx for your trophy room, J&J Outfitters turns those dreams into reality. Our African hunting safari packages provide an authentic experience at a price working people can afford.

Contact us today to discuss customized exotic hunting packages and for best value African hunting safari.


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