Your Way To The Best Peacock Bass Fishing In The World

Your journey for the best peacock bass fishing in the world has ended.  If you have decided to fish peacock bass, then you know it is not child’s play, as a Peacock Base is a large freshwater fish that can only be found in the Amazon basin. It can reach weights of 12-30 pounds and it is one of the hardest fighting freshwater fish in the world. 

We know that Popular and exciting Peacock Bass fishing is mostly done in the freshwater rivers and lakes of the Amazon Basin and a few other tropical and subtropical areas. The following are important elements in Peacock Bass fishing:

1. Wilderness Tropical Jungle Habitat: In South America, warm tropical wild jungle waters are the usual home of peacock bass; the Amazon River and its tributaries are among the most well-known spots for Peacock Bass Fishing.

2. Equipment: The best and strongest tackle, reel and rods are the greatest asset; because Peacock Bass battle very, very strongly.  Anglers frequently use heavy line and leader, the strongest hook, powerful fly, spinning or bait casting tackle to catch them. To catch these powerful and combative fish, you need the best equipment you can afford.

3. Lures: Top water, crankbait, and jig lures are a few types of lures that can be used for peacock bass fishing. Lures that are bright, boisterous, and unpredictable generally work well to draw in peacock bass. Flies should also be colorful, large and of the sinking variety.

4. Techniques: There are several different techniques for Peacock Bass, but one approach is casting close to submerged objects like logs, rocks, and foliage, where the fish frequently hide. Because it is an ambush predator, peacock bass fishing requires precise and accurate casting.

5. Timing: There are a few times ideal for peacock bass fishing, but most fishermen like to fish in the early morning or late afternoon when the fish are most active. However, fishing can be good all day long when the conditions are right. The best conditions are during the dry season when the fish are concentrated and aggressive.

6. Catch and Release: In order to preserve peacock bass numbers, particularly in non-native regions, catch and release methods are frequently promoted. To reduce damage, anglers should handle the fish carefully and with the right methods.

7. Guided trips:  Local guides greatly enhance your fishing experience because they of their extensive expertise on the best locations and tactics.

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