Sentinel Limpopo, Zimbabwe

If you want to hunt in an African Garden of Eden then Sentinel is the place. 90 thousand wild free-range acres on Limpopo River. No fences here. This is wild untamed and beautiful Africa at its best without the high costs of other wilderness safaris. Lions even occasionally pass through here. On a small hill one morning while recently hunting there I witnessed Elephants in the Savanah, large herds of Zebras running through the bush, hyenas calling and numerous Antelopes doing their thing. It was like a Discovery channel episode. I am not kidding. I thought I died and went to heaven.
The terrain here is varied and encompasses gorgeous mountains, savannahs, riverine forest and Mopane woodlands. Due to this varied and rich habitat, the concession holds a great variety of plains game that includes: Kudu, Nyala, Waterbuck, Wart Hog, Bush Pig, Eland, Zebra, Wildebeast, Bush Buck, Nyala, Baboon, Duiker, Steen buck and more. Elephants are in abundance and a quota of 3 are allowed each year. The Leopard is probably the best in Africa. They are running 100% on huge Toms for the last few years. The Leopard here is not cheap but you will get your Leopard if you shoot strait. A quota of 3 are allocated each year and sold out each year as well. To help you find and close in on all of the above you will hunt with the best PHs and trackers in Africa.
Ancient rock drawings, artifacts and dinosaur fossils are also on property. Game birds are in high abundance. The accommodations and staff are excellent. The Lodge is really cool and unique. It is literally carved out of a scenic rock hill. The whole camp overlooks a waterhole that all kinds of plains game, monkeys, baboons, and elephants frequent. I saw all the above at this waterhole each day. Although there are no plains game packages but generally the trophy fees are very, very cheap compared to other locations. Yes there is Wi Fi and emergency medical facilities are within a reasonable distance. This is a great place to bring your loved ones to experience all this property has to offer. Your host and owners are Vanessa and Digby Bristol. They are great people and have lived here most of their lives.
Sample Packages:


IMPALA $250   
ELAND $1,595   
WATER BUCK $1,950   
DUIKER $300   
ZEBRA $1,100   
NYALA $2,500   
BABOON $150   
BUSHBUCK $850   
HYENA $595   
BUSHPIG $350   
IMPALA $250   


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